Dispute Management

The best form of Dispute Resolution is to avoid the dispute in the first instance. Whenever appropriate, Fortis will seek to bring the Parties together to foster an amicable settlement, however this is not always achievable given the unique nature of each dispute.


Our Directors and Consultants are well versed in the various forms of Dispute Resolution from Adjudication, Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration through to complex litigation. We have successfully acted as party representatives and advisers under numerous forms of ADR and have been asked by Parties to act as less formal settlement brokers.


Adjudication is increasingly commonplace in UK construction disputes, and is no longer the mysterious and expensive process it once was. We specialise in conducting prompt, no nonsense Adjudications for our Clients. Formulating the correct strategy for the process ensures we can deliver the Client's requirements with maximum impact and as cost effectively as possible. The correct strategy and planning the process through are much more important that having the most expensive legal counsel or a multitude of experts contributing to a case that will ultimately be based upon the facts which are already known, likely to be in your possession and may well be recorded within your business. It is the effective presentation of your claim or defence that wins the day. We have secured our Clients success in numerous Adjudications from low value disputes over interim payment to multi-million disputes over complex contractual issues.


In the event that a dispute goes on to Arbitration or Court, Fortis can support and strengthen your claim or defence in litigation. We have shaped strategy and provided witness testimony in various proceedings and have a reputation as being key members of the legal team for several valued Clients and in providing Expert evidence to tribunals. We also have relationships with several leading Construction Lawyers and can match our Clients to appropriate advisers and experts when circumstances dictate. Construction Disputes are different to other commercial disputes and we advise that if the need for legal representation arises, get the right lawyer, which need not be the most expensive. Your usual lawyer may be well intentioned however not practiced in the domain of construction disputes. Do not give your opponent any advantage.


Fortis can ably assist in resolving any constuction dispute due to our wide experience of the processes involved together with our extensive technical and quantum expertise. Call today for a free, confidential no oblibation consultation if you wish to discuss a dispute or you can see one on the horizon.

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