Core Services

Fortis provide the following core services however we will be pleased to facilitate whatever services are particular to individial Client requirements

Quantity Surveying

From procurement through to Final Account, fortis offers a comprehensive quantity surveying service. Tender documentation, vetting, contract documentation, interim valuations/milestone schedules, variations & compensation events, claims and negotiation of prompt final accounts.

Contractual Advice

We are regularly called upon to review contracts prior to signature and negotiate more equitable terms for our Client where possible. Also, drafting and amending conditions of contract (and sub-contracts). Poor drafting only creates conflict and disputes. Fortis can also assist you by ensuring you have the correct contractual notices in lace to protect your commercial interests. Most often, we are called upon to expedite and resolve issues over improper payment.Call 0845 548 5684 today for a free initial no obligation consultation.

Troubleshooting & Project Rescue

This service is becoming increasingly popular with our widening Client base. Sometimes particular projects run into delay or are disrupted, jeopardising completion and involing damages. Fortis will quickly analyse the causes, and issue all notices etc. to regularise the contract where possible. Thereafter, we will recommend the most time and or cost effective measures to be taken to ensure efficient project delivery. We would aim to negotiate the participation of all stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

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