Contractual Claims

There are usually only two types of contractual claims under Construction Contracts. Claims for money and/or claims for time, often a combination of these two. Claims for money usually arise as a consequence of changes to the contract, whether by variation or by the default of one of the Parties.

To be successful, any claim must be presented properly and effectively. Establish the entitlement under the contract or at law. Explain why the claim has come about - what were the causes. If it is for time, demonstrate how the time was lost and the impact this had. For money, show clearly how you have evaluated the claim and back this up with all the evidence and substantiation you can to further your case. A well presented and properly documented claim is far more likely to succeed than a poorly drafted or incomplete document which invites only rebuttal.

At Fortis, our Directors and experienced consultants have successfully prosecuted and defended contractual claims of all shapes and sizes. From variations and Final Accounts to Extension of Time, Delay & Disruption, Acceleration and Prolongation Costs, Fortis can quickly establish whether there is in fact any entitlement to a claim and the best way to progress.

Most contracts have prescribed procedures and conditions to be followed in order to establish the claim - if you believe you have an entitlement, it may be worth a free, no obligation call today, in confidence, to help ensure you record and document your case. Our personnel have worked with most standard forms of Contract (JCT/SBCC, GC Works, ICE, NEC, IEI, FIDIC etc.) as well as numerous bespoke forms of contract and sub-contract.

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